Eunkyoung LEE is a Glass Expressor and Composer.

LEE played the piano at an early age, and majored in contemporary music composition.

During her musical career days, LEE frequently traveled to Japan for work and across the world of Glass.

The turning point in LEE’s artistic world began when she encountered unique glass work in Toyama.

It opened up a whole new world that stimulated LEE’s curiosity like no other, which eventually led her to explore Glass Materials.

LEE felt the urge to expand her artistic world from auditory to visual.

The artist Eunkyoung LEE is interested in working on the connection points of the heterogeneous environment and experimenting with harmonizing each other, presenting works in various forms like Installations, Sculptures, Video, Painting, Music...

Although there are no limitations to expressing, LEE’s artistic world evolves around Glass.

LEE uses Glass as its original form or to deliver a message and handles Glass as if she composes Music. 

LEEWAI  이와이  李和李  いわイ

LEEWAI is another name of Eunkyoung LEE.

In the process creating titles for her works, LEE began to think about the ‘Artist’s Name’ that is written along with the title of the work.

Instead of using the passively given name, LEE thought about creating a name for herself.

LEE finds connections between heterogeneous environments and sometimes expresses them differently in each environment, but in the end, LEE is at the center of it all.

Hence, LEE created a name that reflects the 'Overlapping Sequence' a keyword that encompasses her entire work.

The name that naturally came up in the world of LEE’s overall work is 'LEEWAI,‘ which she has been using since 2024 and hopes that the meaning of the name can resonate in more places. 

(On a side note, working with a new name from 2024 feels like another beginning for LEE, as LEE's birthday is 0224.)


2024, June to July - Rochester (NY, U. S. A.)

2024, May to June - Tokyo (Japan)

2024, May to 2025 - Berlin (Germany)_Digital Exhibition(QR code will be displayed at the Berlin Exhibition Area)

2024, May  - Seoul (South Korea)

2024, May  - Mungyeong (South Korea)

2024, April to May - Daejeon (South Korea)

Selected Exhibitions


2023, <GIAF: Asian Contemporary Art Young Artists Exhibition>, Sejong Museum of Art

2023, <Larnaca Biennale 2023>, Larnaca (Larnaca, Cyprus)

2023, <International Biennale of Glass in Bulgaria 2023>, Bulgarian National Gallery Kvadrat 500 (Sofia, Bulgaria)

2023, <Venice Experimental 2023>, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello (Venice, Italy)

2023, <Nature Art CUBE Exhibition>, Uljin Yeonho Cultural Center

2023, <Korea Racing Authority Invitational Exhibition: The PATH>, Equine Museum of Let'sRun Park Seoul

2023, <Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale: CUBE Exhibition>, Geumgang Nature Art Center

2023, <Gwangju Museum of Art 'Local New Artist Exchange Exhibition': ANTIFRAGILE>, Gwangju Museum of Art G&J Gallery

2022, <Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation 'Art & Technology' Showcase Exhibition: BETWEEN FUTURES>,  Design 1978 of GyeongGi SangSang Campus 

2022, <GIAF: Asian Contemporary Art Young Artists Exhibition>, Sejong Museum of Art

2022, <Glass Art Society Green Exhibition: TRACE2022>, Glass Art Society (WA, U. S. A.)

2022, <Big & Little Questions>,  Plaza B of Seoul City Hall Citizens' Hall

2022, <Seongdong Cultural Foundation Invitational Exhibition: BETTER NORMAL LIFE>, Gallery HUB

2022, <Korea Craft Week: Find Your Place>, Bukchon Hanokcheong of Seoul Public Hanok

2022, <CICA Young Korean Artists Exhibition Series: ERROR>, CICA Museum 

2022, <A Showcase of Emerging, International Talent: EVOLUTION 2022>, Tacoma Art Museum (WA, U. S. A.)

2022, <Exhibition with Selected Works from the IBG Collection>, UniArt Gallery of New Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria)

2021, <International Exhibition: FORM 2021>, CICA Museum

2021, <International Biennale of Glass in Bulgaria 2021>, Bulgarian National Gallery Kvadrat 500 (Sofia, Bulgaria)

2021, <Art Seoul: A House>, Seoul Center for Architecture & Urbanism(SCA) of Donuimun Museum Village 

2021, <SEEA 2021: Special Exhibition of Emerging Artists>,  Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center

2021, <A Showcase of Emerging, International Talent: EVOLUTION 2021>, Glass Art Society (WA, U. S. A.)

2021, <International Exhibition: PANDEMIC INSPIRATIONS>, Trakya University Faculty of Fine Arts (Edirne, Turkey)

2021, <International Open Exhibition: HANDS ACROSS THE WORLD>, Contemporary Glass Society (United Kingdom)

2020, <Language of Heukseok: GATE 3>, Dongjak Art Gallery


2023, <Special Lecture>, Korea Aerospace University

2022, <United Nation(UN) 'International Year of Glass(IYoG)' Closing Conference>, Tokyo University

2022, <Special Exhibition-ARKO Sponsors Night(10th Anniversary)>, Arts Council Korea

2022, <Training of Pre-service Workers for Craft Mediation Personnel 2022>, Korea Craft & Design Foundation

2022, <DMZ Academy>, Gyeonggi Institute of Heritige

2021, TWELVE Digital Single <Back to Square One>

2020, <ART FILM: Feel! GLASS>, Arts Council Korea 

2020, TWELVE Digital Single <BREATH>

2019, <Pan Art Festival-PAN>, Hyeri Art Village


Awards · Grants

2023, <Local Culture Revitalization Project>, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation 

2022, <CICA Young Korean Artists>, CICA Museum

2022, <Art & Technology>, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

2022, <Arts Support Program>, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

2021, <Young Artist Support Program>, Arts Council Korea

2021, <Art & Technology>, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

2021, <K-Arts ON Road: Arts-Lab>, Korea National University of Arts

2020, <Online Media Art Project>, Arts Council Korea

2020, <K-Arts ON Road: ReSearch>, Korea National University of Arts 

2020, <Public Art Project>, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

2020, <Arts Support Program>, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Public Collections

Art Real K.L.M. Association (Bulgaria)

M.E.M. the Arts Biennale at Larnaca (Cyprus)

And More...