Sequence (2021 - Work in Progress)

Asian Contemporary Art Young Artists Exhibition, Sejong Museum of Art, South Korea, 2023

Korean Racing Authority Invitational Exhibition: The PATH, Equine Museum, South Korea, 2023

ANTIFRAGILE, Gwangju Museum of Art G&J Gallery, South Korea, 2023

Seongdong Cultural Foundation Invitational Exhibition: BETTER NORMAL LIFE, Gallery HUB, South Korea, 2022

International Exhibition: FORM 2021, CICA Museum, South Korea, 2021

SEEA 2021: Special Exhibition of Emerging Artists,  Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Museum, South Korea, 2021

'Sequence' is a work that expresses the intrinsic exploration of glass media by comparing it to Scene.

Daily life. Repetition of our lives.

Sometimes coincidences collide and create unexpected memories. Looking back, those memories become special images we hold onto in life.

My daily life, Glass.

Repetition of Hot works. Producing glass requires the same steps, and yet has unexpected outcomes. The piece 'Sequence' demonstrates a moment when coincidences of glass collide.

This work is intended to compare my feelings about glass to 'Scene'. How each glass tells a different story and how it harmonizes when it collides.